***It’s only been a couple of days after Ben moved in with Amber and Ben is showing more improvement then ever, he’s still a MONSTER of very few words but now he’s been given a special task. It shows that after the company’s protocal of examining a new MONSTER they would let Ben and another MONSTER named Jane in to greet the new arrival. The first few of this day seems promising, they loosened up and smiled even at the two but one MONSTER, a young pre-teen male wasn’t as easy to befriend. Jane tries to use her power (which is some neuro-relaxing stimulant or something—Idk something to do with her calming down others just by touching them) but the boy just cowers away and pushes Ben towards her. From the force Ben notices that the boy too has super strength, Ben walks over to the boy in the corner and just sits down in front of him before finally introducing himself. The boy remains quiet and introduces himself ‘Kevin’, Jane sees this moment and nods, taking out a cell-phone looking device and sending a text message to her superior, the text only said: Passed. ** A few days later Ben is actually getting sleep (around four hours but that’s all Amber was able to convince him to get), but this night he decides to stay up and review the files for the new MONSTERS he’s greeted. That’s when he heard it, yelling and a crash, Ben got up immediately and when he made his way into Amber’s room he saw that Jack had broken in and is now confronting Amber. Ben automatically sees the bruises on the female scientist’s arm from how hard Jack is grabbing her and quickly jumps in with a punch, taking Jack off guard. Ben grabs hold of Jack and slams him against the wall and inflicts one more punch to the jaw before knowing his limit and stops, Amber calls the President and tells him about Jack breaking in as Ben sits down on the floor next to her and holds her, the two are ignored by the organizations’ “authorities” who come in for Jack.** The President noticed Ben’s self control and thinks he could put it into good use, so has Amber think over the concideration of Ben joining the TP^2’s on-foot forces. Ben agrees without any convincing, he had Amber in mind during the decision and lately the two have been in each other’s thoughts. But instead of those stupid shows when the girl goes: OMG I gotta leave/we gotta split up I think we’re falling in love. Amber sees this as an oppurtunity to convince that MONSTERS aren’t monsters but are just people blessed with a little extra, the President (somehow) is aware of this and just tells Amber to be careful after a small flashback shows that the President too has feelings for a MONSTER who is Jane (and Jane is totaly oblvious to this).** I don’t know when or how or why but I’ve seen a few snippets of Ben and Amber like sitting on the little couch enjoying one’s company while everything in the apartment is off watching the rain fall. Or just cuddling on Ben’s mattress in the livingroom, since Amber sleeps earlier then Ben does Ben just lays there with his eyes closed and a smile on his face——gah, so cute. ;;v;;

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