**Ben is exceeding in the on-foot missions and the training he is doing. He’s even talking more to everyone’s surprise, though he and Amber keep thier ‘relationship’ (Im not even sure they call it that), a lot of the scientists and MONSTERS noticed that they are really close and care deeply about one another. One day Ben and his little team had just finished making rounds on one side of town when they got a distress call from Jane saying that the Tp^2 was under attack, Ben asked if they were able to evacuate everyone out and Jane said no and that there are people dying. The enemy is unknown but Ben order his four person squad back and ambush the enemy. It took great leadership to keep the new team calm and attack the unknown looking enemy that all bear the same mark, an ‘M’ with an ‘x’ crossing it out. The squad found some more survivors and scientists and guided them out, Ben asked each scientist if they had seen Amber, one said they saw her run towards the attack and into a lab room and so they went in that direction, having to cut across a courtyard to do so. Before they could Ben’s team comes face to face with the enemy leader: Jack and almost fourteen of his men, with the group of MONSTERS they were able to take out the men in a snap but Ben told his team that Jack was his to deal with. The two fought roughly one on one with thier fists. Then a shot was fired, and Jack fell to his knees in pain of having been shot in the side, Ben looked up to see Amber and who rushed over to see if he was alright. Unfortunately the two were unable to embrace each other before hearing another shot, this time Amber was the one who had fallen, Jack; still bleeding out, had shot her in the back and told Ben if he couldn’t have her then no one else would. Ben rushed over to Amber and held her as she showed signs of health decay, Kevin (who had been placed in Ben’s group) notices the increase of enemy soldiers and yells at Ben desperately to get out of there, Ben doesn’t pay any attention though as he cries for Amber to wake up and tell her that everything is going to be ok. Multiple shots are fired at the couple, ensuring Amber’s death and making Ben reach critical condition. The squad moves in to disperse the enemy and save their leader.*****
A couple of years have passed and there is a ceremony being held at the TP^2, a new law was passed and MONSTERS are now seen as equal beings in society, making their company the first and far-most best rehabilitation center in the world. The President makes a speech for thanking the staff and the new appointed citizens and opens up the new building for the ‘Amber project’, a project designed specifically for moderate to critical patients who will be assigned to volunteered families to learn the normal way of living. The building is filled with condo-sized rooms perfect for whole families or just couples, both Jane and the President are seen cutting the ribbon together with giant scissors and Jane congratulates the President with a kiss on the cheek. One male wearing soldier attire is seen in the ground floor of the new building, looking at a picture on the wall that had both Amber and Ben in it. Jane approaches him with the young blonde-haired girl (who is now a teenager) and introduces the soldier to his new partner, the teenager asked the soldier what his name was and the soldier replies ‘Lieutenant Ben’. ‘Funny, you don’t look like him.’ was what the teenager said as she looked at the picture and back at her new partner, of course she’s met the Ben in the photograph before. ‘You look more like someone I knew…a boy named Kevin.’ **END**
Wanna know the funny part?? My motivation for this story was an asian song :D… .I really dont want Ben and Amber to die but that’s what happens ;;A;;

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